Invoice Financing

Especially for MSME entrepreneurs who are business entities, KBFMF is ready to help develop your business starting from 50 million through Invoice Financing (Factoring) with competitive interest.

KB FMF has always believed that the growth of our business is in line with the growth of your business. We design loan products for business entities that can support the development of your business.

In addition to providing convenience in achieving your business goals, KB FMF is ready to provide loans ranging from IDR 50,000,000 to IDR 10,000,000,000, with affordable interest rates through Invoice Financing/Factoring.

In general, Invoice Financing / Factoring is a financing business in the form of buying or transferring and managing receivables or short-term bills of a company from transactions that have TOP (term of payment).

With Invoice Financing, your business or business can still run well and the financial flow can return smoothly. While the invoice has not been paid, SMEs can still pursue other projects with working capital borrowed using Invoice Financing. With that, opportunity costs can be reduced and SMEs can develop further.

Credit Features :

Procedures for applying for Credit:

Fees charged :

Required documents:

Financing Application Letter

Company Legality Documents

  • Deed of Incorporation and Decree of the Minister of Law
  • Deed of Amendment of the Articles of Association and Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights (if any)
  • Deed of Amendment of the Last Board and decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree
  • Company TIN
  • SK Domicile
  • NIB
  • Business License (including special business licenses if any)
  • KTP & NPWP of the Management according to the Company's deed
Financial Statements for the last 3 years (2020, 2019 & 2018)
Current Account of the last 6 months
Active Invoice List

Certificate on behalf of the company :

SHM/HGB, IMB, APHT, SKMHT, Deed of Power of Attorney to Sell

Proof of Land and Building Tax Repayment

Certificate if it is an individual or on behalf of a shareholder :

  • SHM/HGB, IMB, APHT, SKMHT, Deed of Power of Attorney to Sell
  • Husband and wife ID cards
  • Marriage certificate
  • Family Card
  • Birth certificates of Husband and wife
  • Husband and wife name change letter (if applicable)
  • Proof of husband and wife citizenship (if any)