Car Collateral

The Solution to Your Financial Needs

A. Key Features
Kreditplus (PT KB Finansia Multi Finance) provides a loan facility with the collateral of the car BPKB as a solution to your funding needs.

B. Benefits

  1. Get a loan for multipurpose funding facilities without a credit card.
  2. It is only enough to submit BPKB documents to be used as collateral.
  3. Vehicles can still be used as a means of transportation.
  4. The amount of installment money can be adjusted according to monthly income.
  5. Installment payments are easy, through: cashiers, payment points (Indomaret, Alfamart, banks, KPM), collector.

C. Terms of Financing

  1. Financing Value (Price of Goods - DP + Insurance).
  2. Financing value range: minimum 20 Million, maximum total active financing value of 75 Billion.
  3. Maximum tenor of 48 months.
  4. Interest rates start from 0.65% per month, valid for 1 year financing tenor*
    *Interest rates may change at any time according to the applicable Company policy

D. Requirements and Procedures

  1. Indonesian citizens aged 21 or 19 years if married.
  2. Minimum income of 5 million per month.
  3. Employees have worked for at least 2 years / Entrepreneur for at least 2 years in the same field The same.
  4. The maximum distance of residence is 60 km for Java Island and 100 km for outside Java Island from Kreditplus branch.
  5. Complete the required documents: FC KTP, FC KK, FC PBB one of the last 3 years/proof home ownership, salary slips/other income proof, FC passbook account for the last 3 months.

E. Risk

  1. Imposition of late fines if there is a delay in payment.
  2. Penalty for early repayment.
  3. Recorded history of bad credit at SLIK OJK, if you don't make payments up to 180 day.
  4. There is an imposition of a BPKB storage fee which is calculated from the 31st day after it is paid off, if BPKB not collected on the specified date.

F. Additional Information

Not all of our Branch Offices serve the above Financing Products, for further information please contact our Customer Service di (021) 1500605.

G. Submission through Kreditplus Mobile App
1. Login to Playstore if using Android, and Appstore if using iOS.
2. Select the Kreditplus Mobile application.
3. Register for an account if you don't have an account yet, and Log In if you already have an account.
4. Don't forget to verify your account first so you can apply for cash in the Kreditplis Mobile application.
5. Select "Cash Fund Loan" on the front page of Kreditplus Mobile.
6. Then select "Car BPKB Collateral Cash Fund Loan"