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KB FMF makes a positive contribution to KBFG

Long-Term National Rating and KBFMF Bonds, along with the goals of KBFMF to achieve growth, obtain lower borrowing costs, and provide financing to consumers with increasingly competitive interest rates.

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Get to Know Personal Data and Its Protection

The importance of protecting personal data so that things that can harm yourself don't happen

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Special Factoring Services for MSME Entrepreneurs with Business Entities

We are ready to help develop your business through Factoring with a limit of up to IDR 50 Million and a fairly competitive interest rate.

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Need Capital for Business? Land and Building Collateral is the Solution!

Planning service facilities KB FMF for special working capital needs such as Inventory/Receivable/Project financing or other needs.

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Pay Installments on Kreditplus Mobile More Complete and Convenient

Various payment methods are available using the Kreditplus Mobile application such as E-wallet, Virtual Account, Bank Transfer, M-Banking.

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Our Services

Providing Easy, Quick, and Safe solutions for all your financial needs

Kreditplus offers various financial services in the form of credit and business capital.  Our products and services include lending for electronic goods and furniture, and multifinance credit and venture capital for other financial needs. We also offer technology-based financial products.

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Our Services

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Maximum Amount of Loans Total Maks Pinjam

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Used Car Simulation

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