Promo FREE 1x Angsuran Produk Kesehatan ADVANCE

Hi there, friend Redi! To ensure your well-being when pollution levels surge after a long day of activities, let's consider purchasing health products from ADVANCE. Plus, you'll receive a FREE installment from Kreditplus.

For further information, please refer to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Choose Health products such as Air Purifiers, Massagers, Health Pillows, Dispensers, etc., from ADVANCE dealers that are covered by Kreditplus branches in Indonesia.
2. This promotion applies with an administration fee of IDR 149,000,- per transaction, specifically for a 12-month tenure.
3. The FREE 1x installment promotion on the 12th month is applicable if the customer makes timely payments until the 11th month.
4. This promotion applies with a 0% Down Payment (DP) for Kreditmu customers and 0% - 20% for non-Kreditmu customers.
5. This promotion applies with an interest rate of 2.49% per month.
6. This promotion is valid only from August 25th to September 30th, 2023.
7. Ensure that your Kreditmu limit is sufficient if you plan to use it by checking your credit limit in the Kreditplus Mobile application. You can also transact with the assistance of CRO or Kreditplus sales at the dealer.
8. Ensure that the entered mobile number is the same as the one provided during the initial credit limit application. If the mobile number changes, please contact the Kreditplus Call Center at (021) 1500605.
9. In case of changes in NIK data, full name, date of birth, or other personal data, please contact the nearest Kreditplus branch for data updates. Estimated completion time is 24 hours.
10. If you do not have a Kreditmu limit yet, pay attention to the terms and conditions for applying for a Kreditmu limit, which can be done through the Kreditplus Mobile application, as follows:
   - Applicants must possess an electronic ID (KTP).
   - Provide a clear and well-lit selfie without a mask and without wearing glasses.
   - Other supporting documents if required (salary slip for employees or NPWP for business owners).

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